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We have recently completed 100 years of serving the community and we are delighted to accomplish the given work. We are proud to announce that we take care of even small things and it helps us to stay ahead from others. Our business is family owned which help us to provide professional services to different people without any delay. We are thankful to the people to avail our services during their turbulent times so that we would guide them to make a comfortable transition without facing much difficulties.

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Our Bernardo García Funeral Homes which are located in Westchester, Kendall, and Miami in Florida have a major purpose to consider the bereaved person who has recently lost their loved one as the most important possessions. In order to bring calmness among these persons, we are grateful to have highly experienced and talented staff which provides all facilities to serve the person well and help them to achieve the transitional stage as soon as possible. Moreover, there is no discrimination against any kind of person coming from the different cultural background from our workers. Our Funeral home Miami provides the services so that the dignity of the grieving person is maintained and a good funeral is provided to the departed soul with all honor.

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List of Burial Packages in Funeral home Miami, Westchester and Kendall

At Funeral Home Miami, we provide traditional Christian funeral services for the deceased soul. There is a number of burial services provided as per the requirement of the customers. These are:

Full-Service Funeral in Traditional Way

These professional services are provided by Funeral Directors Miami, FL and their staffs which excludes services of Church. Some of the services which are to be provided in this funeral are:

  • Removing Dead Body
  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Embalming
  • Memorial Packages (prayer cards, metal crucifix, limousine, register books)
  • Burial Permit with Miami-Dade County Health Department
  • Death Certificate

If anyone requires services from the Church, then they have to pay additional fees.

Limited Service Funeral

The Funeral Directors Miami provide this funeral facility with all above services. It also includes some additional services such as:

  • Utilization of specific facilities two hours before the time of funeral
  • Funeral Hearse

Various services such as limousine, flower car, and supervision of Church services are excluded from this type of funeral. If the person wants services from the Church, then they have to pay additional fees.

Direct/ Immediate Burial Service

Funeral Directors Miami and Westchester provide some additional services besides mentioned above and includes a funeral coach, the family meets at the cemetery and basic preparation for the late person. This funeral facility also does not provide family visitation, flower car, limousine, and memorial packages.

Mass/Church Service with Immediate Burial

The Funeral Directors Miami provides all the above facilities to their customers. Furthermore, it also provides facility not mentioned above such as supervision of church service for 1 hour for conducting prayer for the departed soul. There is no provision of flower car and limousine services.

We offer burial services from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm at Funeral home Miami. There are additional charges for accessing our services on holidays or the time other than mentioned above.

Our Cremation Packages

When a person lost their beloved one, they face one of the stiff and complex situations in their life. In such cases, we provide them helping hand to persuade them to come out of this grief-stricken moment by providing them funeral services in a most professional yet traditional way. We do our best possible way to provide good cremation packages which would provide immense satisfaction to the customers and allow them to transit them effectively. Instead of purchasing the casket, we provide you with full cremation services such as:

  • Traditional Full-Service Funeral with Cremation
  • Cremation with Limited Services
  • Direct Cremation
  • Direct Cremation Mass Services
  • Direct Cremation with Memorial Service

In all these services additional fees would be applied for Church Service.

Pre-Planning Services

A question affects the person that what would happen after they depart from this world. Although it is difficult to answer, yet it is the first step to find a solution to it. With our pre-planning services we have found the answer to this question and thus allow the customers to get a considerable amount of time to prepare for their funeral preferences. We provide these services at an affordable price that too at $25 a month with no interest.

Obituaries Facilities for Departed Soul

Our Funeral Directors Miami, Florida, and Westchester understand what is going inside the mind of the person who has recently lost her beloved ones. To heal the person from such severe situations, we help them with our obituary services. We provide a good obituary quote on our company’s website with the consent of our customers. When a person view such kind and of emotional obituary, their heart is filled with immense satisfaction and they believe that the person is living in their memory. This would then help them to remember that person and cherish them for their lifetime.

Death Certificate

We utilize the services of VitalCheck, a government authorized service presents in Miami and Westchester, who prepares death certificate and help in proper preservation of the vital record of the deceased soul and allows the relatives of the dead person to purchase the important document at a faster pace without any additional charge.

Thus, we are responsible funeral service home who conduct proper funeral of the deceased soul in a traditional way and helps their relatives in a best possible manner so that they would come out of this grief situation and would celebrate the death of their beloved one in convenient manner with due respect to them.

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