Choose to Say Goodbyes with the Best Funeral Home Miami

Death is inevitable and still it is hard to digest, especially when you lose someone close. Keeping yourself together mentally is really hard because your mind would still find it hard to accept the harsh truth that the person is no more. But, no matter how hard it is, at that very time, you need to put yourself together and think practical and emotional at the same time. When the life moves in normal pace, you might have noticed the Funeral home Miami and ignored it altogether but once the near and dear one has passed away, it is time to get in touch with them.

Why It Is Important To Choose the Funeral Home?

Saying goodbye to the loved one is excruciating, especially when you have not planned for it. You might find it insensitive to think about final tribute with the help of the Funeral home Miami but it’s the best you can do to honor him/her. No matter what the age of the deceased is or the relation with the deceased is, the attachment is what counts. Besides, with the help of the funeral house at Hialeah, Miami, Westchester and Florida; and its kind services, you are honoring the contribution of the person who has left the earthly abode. Arranging the burial, cremation or funeral all by yourself is quite a mountainous task and hence, you should take the help of the funeral home where the officials are sensitive towards the deceased and respect your emotions, thereby, arranging the final adieu according to the wish of the departed and the mourning near ones.

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Why Choose Bernardo Garcia Funeral Home?

The family run Bernardo Garcia Funeral Homes know how important proper attention and personal care is for you when you have to arrange a funeral for someone important in your life. Being professional with courteousness is what the directors at Funeral home Miami emphasize on. The company has been lending helping hands for more than a hundred years within the community. Here are the reasons why this funeral home will be a prospective choice –

  • Burial Services

With the professional help from the staff and funeral director, there are three types of burial services available –traditional full time, limited service, immediate or direct burial and immediate or direct burial with church or mass service.

The officials will prepare for embalming, bathing and dressing, organize general facilities for visitation for a night, offering prayer cards, acknowledgement cards, register books etc. in the traditional burial service, limousine transportation and flower cars are offered which is not included in other services. The company also gains permission regarding transit or burial around the state and county.

  • Cremation

Just like burial, the directors at Funeral home Miami offer five types of cremation service namely traditional funeral with cremation, direct cremation, direct cremation with proper memorial service, limited cremation service and direct cremation with mass service.

The officials gain cremation permits from the health department of the county and offer transportation in caskets, offer memorial service, prayer and acknowledgement cards, metal crucifix and other facilities. Except the direct crematory services, the other cremation services come with general facility usage for two hours.

  • Ship-Out

Unlike other Funeral home Bernardo Garcia offers transportation of the remains to other funeral homes in faraway countries or states. Both domestic and international direct ship out facility is available along with Traditional Domestic and International Ship Out with Full Service Viewing.

Apart from the general burial services, prayer and acknowledgement cards and gaining permits of transportation and burial from the health department, the company also transacts death certificate with necessary paper works for the international shipping and transportation to the airport.

  • Ship-In Burial and Cremation

Just as it offers the remains of the deceased to be transported to abroad and other states, it also receives such from other burial homes. The staff and funeral director make necessary preparation for the burial and create memorial packages while also making sure that the caskets are removed and loaded on the transport properly from the airport. After burial, transportation to crematory is also ensured with specific cremation fee and cremation permit.

  • Disinterment

Dead bodies are fragile and there are lots of emotions attached with the deceased ones. While keeping this in mind, the Funeral home Miami offer proper disinterment and reinternment of the remains with crematory services either in metal or in wooden casket, or in same or different cemetery. Transportation, supervision and replacement is also offered.

  • Memorial Of Children

The staff and director of Bernardo Garcia Funeral House understand how heartbreaking it is to pay tribute to the kids whose lives ended before blooming fully. From infants till 17 years old teenagers, there are vaults and caskets along with two hour long memorial services by the officials.

While making sure that all the necessary permits are granted and offering different tribute services according to your requirement, the funeral home offers additional services like live webcasting, memorial websites, tribute videos and many more.

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