Depart the Soul of Your Loved One in the Most Memorable Way


Let a funeral home support you when you lose a loved one. They can really ease the going.Funeral homes are made to help you make the right arrangements for the funeral. They help you in carrying out the ceremony as per your wish so that you can do everything you want to be done during your last moments with your loved one.They also support you during such hard times as they understand the loss. They carry a team who is experienced in performing the rituals that need to be done on a person’s death.

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Bernardo Garcia Funeral Home

It is a highly experienced team that is actually a whole family. They have been in the business for more than 100 hundred years. Their past generations that count up to five have been taking care of the work in the most efficient manner in Westchester, Hialeah and Miami. The family believes in serving the families of the community in the best way possible. Funeral Directors Westchester,  FL, Hialeah and Kendall know well that it is not just a business but it is serving the society during their toughest times. They understand how every person feels about the loss and takes the responsibility on their shoulders.


The Funeral Home Miami provides its services in three different locations. These can be contacted at any time of the day and during all days. The locations where it serves the community are Westchester, Hialeah, Miami and Kendall. The Bernardo Garcia Funeral Home has its team available for complete 24 hours during all seven days. So one does not need to wait or think twice before contacting the company for its services.


Obituaries refer to the written information regarding a person’s death. Writing down is one of the traditional ways of paying tribute to the dead which is a universal method. Everyone wants to convey his or her feelings for the person who left them forever. At this funeral home, you will find experts who can bring your true feelings on the paper in the most efficient way to support you in expressing your inner feelings. The funeral home also accepts the obituary to be put on their website if the family members of the person want so.


Various services that the Bernardo Garcia Funeral Home Miami provides are the cremation, children or memorial, ship-in burial, ship-outs, burial, disinterment and ship-in cremation. Each of these services has their specifications in respect with the kinds of ceremonies that are performed and with the charges that are applicable on them. The charges are kept affordable as well as reasonable to be accepted by the people. There is also a huge variety of various specifications to choose from so that everyone can take the services and does not have to wander about in search of a good funeral home. In case of children also, there are different policies and charges according their ages.


Caskets are available in a very wide variety in the Bernardo Garcia Funeral Home Miami. They have been built to suit varying sizes. They have been manufactured using different materials so that one can get the right casket for his or her lost one. Being made from different materials and being in a wide variety again provides caskets for everyone in the economic sense. Coffins are the basic requirement for the funerals. So they have to be chosen with care and as per the family’s preferences.

Various reasons to choose the Bernardo Garcia Funeral Home above all else

  • Well-experienced: Funeral Directors Westchester Fl as well as other areas are a highly experienced team as mentioned before as well. Its variety in all aspects lets the family or a person choose the one which suits them the most. As it is a family business, the funeral home has a lot of respect in the community for its clean and efficient service that it has been serving the community with for all these years.
  • Arrangements as per one’s wish: The funeral home’s Funeral Directors Westchester FL, Hialeah and Kendall let the complete ceremony be done with your recommendations. They know how tough it is for you and understand that everyone has his or her own wish of departing the soul in their own way. So they support you if you recommend something in front of them and make everything as you want it to.
  • Proper guidance regarding documentation: The team of the funeral home guides you in every way and at every step to make the time pass for you in an easier way. They tell you about all the details that are required including the documentation as these are very necessary during such times. There is the need to provide particular documents so as to successfully get the ceremony done.
  • No barrier of culture: It performs its duties regardless of any cultural barriers. It provides its services to all the people of the community and helps them by carrying out the work according to their traditions in Westchester, Hialeah and Miami.
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