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Bernardo Garcia Funeral Homes

In the locations namely Westchester, Miami, Hialeah and Kendall, the Bernardo Garcia Funeral Homes is the best in serving the community through its reliable services.The Funeral Home Miami has an experience of more than a hundred years that has earned it a great amount of trust and respect among the people of the community. It has served them for such a long time with all dignity and support. Its team that includes the Funeral Directors Hialeah, Fl and other areas, is also a family as the business is a family business carried out by the five generations of the same family.

Funeral Homes

Funeral Homes refer to the business which provides funeral services for families who have lost their dear ones. They make all the arrangements for these families in accordance with their wishes. They help them carry out the whole process which is done while keeping in mind the requirements of the dead person’s family. Funeral homes take care of all the document work and other ceremonies that have to be performed.

Various tasks performed by funeral homes

Following are the tasks that funeral homes carry out:

  • Cemetery and Obituaries: Arrangement with the cemetery is made by them. They also arrange for the area where this is done. Funeral homes post the obituaries on the news media on the recommendation of the family. Obituaries refer to the news of a person’s death in written form in order to express the feelings towards him or her and to inform the society regarding the same.
  • Embalmment: Embalmment is about making the body look pleasant by treating it with preservatives. The body is made free of the blood stains and then is treated with cosmetics to make it presentable for carrying out the further process. This is done for the people who come to pay their tributes to the person.
  • Arranging visitations:Visitation refers to the traditional funeral service where people come for the viewing. An area is decided where this visitation is carried out. Here the body is brought in a coffin or a casket where it is kept after the embalmment process of letting the body decay as slowly as possible. This way, visitations occurs at funeral home or at a place of worship.

Also, if a person has some particulars requirements to be carried out on his or her death, he or she can consult a funeral home earlier only and tell the team everything regarding the needs of the funeral.

Other features about the funeral homes

  • The funeral home team does the work of a funeral after consulting the people who legally are the dead person’s kin. They check the legality among the relations and then only perform its responsibilities.
  • Funeral services have long history as the people have been carrying out funerals in their own ways. Experts have always been there who know the art of preservation. So funerals are a traditional thing.
  • The embalmment procedure may include applying cosmetics to the face on the permission of the family. The internal organs are aspirated. If there is any kind of disfiguration in the body that too is treated to finally give a pleasant look.
  • Direct cremation consists of the receiving of the body by the funeral home. It is then made ready for cremation and the rest of the legal paperwork is done.
  • Direct or immediate burial is different from direct cremation as it includes the carrying out of the funeral ceremony for a comparatively simpler burial which is done immediately.

Services provided by the Bernardo Garcia

The Funeral Home Miami has all the types of services to offer. These are described as follows:

Burial:This service type involves the following: Services given by the Funeral Directors Hialeah, Fl and other places and the staff and removal of the deceased. Then there is embalming done which is further followed by bathing and dressing of the body. All necessary preparations are being made thereafter. Visitation of one night is carried out for which there is general use of the facilities. The memorial package that the company offers includes register book, laminated prayer cards, acknowledgement cards as well and metal crucifix or cross. Other things available are limousine, funeral hearse and flower car. The funeral home also secures the permit for the burial or transit with Miami-Dade County Health Department. Finally there is transaction of the death certificate. One thing it does not include is the supervision of the service at the church.

Traditional full service funeral involves all the above mentioned processes. There are limited service funeral as well and some other categories from which one can choose. There are some differences in the packages in terms of the services that are offered in each of them.

Cremation, Ship-outs, Ship-in burial, Ship-in cremation, Disinterment and Children/Memorial are the other services of the Bernardo Garcia Funeral Home. Here, it carries out for the families who do not want burial but prefer cremation. Ship-in and ship-out are where the body has to be transferred from one place to another. For different ages of children there are different charges in addition to the provision of caskets of different sizes for them.


The Bernardo Garcia Funeral Home has a team who understands the emotions of the people who have lost their loved ones. They manage the ceremonies with all due respect at the same time taking care of all the details and necessities that need to be carried out effectively as well as efficiently.

It is the best Funeral Home Miami in the areas of Westchester, Miami and Hialeah.


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